Apples And Empires

When the decay

On the surface

Reflects rot deep within

You don’t eat the apple

The apple is done,

What about forums,

Organizations, countries,


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Stuck In Stupidity”

7:09 AM May 25, 2022

Middle Ages Re-Visited

The Druids in Davos

The Witch Doctors of Who

Jesters and Minstrels

The Coven at View,

Rasputin and Putin

Mao and Jinping

We’re heading for Serfdom

Under corporate bling,

Guards with machine guns

Stockades and drones

No one will hear

Dissenters moans.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Stuck In Stupidity”

7:40 AM May 24, 2022

Who Knew

Did you know

That some of the people

You knew along the way

Would become malleable,

Moldable in mind, body, character,

Dancing to whatever tune some dumb ass

Politician, expert or psychopath would play,

Who knew so many

Would do what you never

Knew in your wildest imagination

They would do.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Stuck In Stupidity”

4:34v PM May23, 20222

Harley Schlanger

On The Brink

Gone from

Spikes to monkeys

Aspirin now and then

To injection junkies,

Poles and the Ukies

Forgotten old Bandera

Holding hands new rykies,

On the brink of something

A pole flip or marching Vikings.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Stuck In Stupidity”

10:21 AM May 23, 2022

Monkey Business

Is it here we go again?

After two and a half years

Of medical science monkey business.

Belgium imposes twenty one days of isolation

For a positive Monkey Pox test,

With the world on the verge of signing

Over control of pandemics and treatments

To the unelected Tedros and the WHO,

WHO’s record of incompetence, flip-flops,

Banning effective, inexpensive treatments,

Pushing dangerous untested injections,

Useless masks, lockdowns and censorship,

Have destroyed lives and economies,

WHO’s corporate and political pals

Reflect Tedros’ decision to select

Robert Mugabe as his first assistant,

Should we be calling our leaders

On treason for surrendering

Our sovereignty to this

Unelected body?

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Stuck In Stupidity”

6:00 PM May 22, 2022

Monkey Pox

Dream Machine

Microchip Pills

Psychopaths And Pandemics

The Sun – Major Climate Influence

Crime And Government

The difference between

Organized Crime and Political Crime

Is the spelling,

The similarity is

Do as we fucking say

Or you’re fucked,

China – CCP Overlords,

If your phone doesn’t flash green

You can’t take a train, a bus or a plane,

Make a call or access your bank,

Too much red and your off to Uyghurville

USA – Epstein After Dark,

Epstein was done,

Maxwell in a dungeon,

The perverted parties continue,

If you are not a woke Liberal

You’re a terrorist,

 Canada – Turdsing FreeCar country,

Rumored to get a kickback for every

Dangerous injection,

See China and USA,

The UK – Clown World

Led by bouncy, chubby Bojo with a clown cut,

See USA,

New Zealand – Australia – Penal Colonies,

See China,

Ukraine – Hunter’s Laptop tells The Tale,

Nazi influenced, Zelensky & Stefanishyna

Forming a New Democracy, opposition

Parties banned, dissenters tied naked

To lamp poles, jailed, disappeared,

Shot in the street, Western Countries

Donating billions to the cause,

The EU – an unelected body of Davos Devils,

Schwab Student Stooges infiltrating all Governments,

See Canada for Teacher’s Pet.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Stuck In Stupidity”

9:02 AM May 22, 2022

No One Is Listening

No one is listening

Why do you bother?

When do you stop warning

The bridge is at critical failure ?

Whether or not one is listening

The birds still sing their morning ritual,

The buds and blossoms are cracking and popping

The wind plays music through the branches and leaves,

The squirrels and the crickets the slugs and the worms

Are doing their thing,

Turn off the talking head telling you that censorship

Is protecting you from the search for truth

And you might hear the ocean in the distance,

Everyone may not be listening,

But somebody somewhere is.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Stuck In Stupidity”

7:36 AM May 20, 2022


The seasons of human reason

As unpredictable as a rabid skunk,

Yet most people spend endless hours

Searching for reasons to justify and debunk

The evil turmoil generated by so-called leaders,

Politicians, experts and talking heads,

Why does it take seven decades or more

With the exit sign in sight for one to stand

And call stupid – stupid –

The Davos Devils psychopathic fools,

Yuval Harari and Elon Musk,

Bill Gates and Tony Fauci,

All the clamoring clowns

Intelligent idiots.,

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Stuck In Stupidity”

10:48 AM May 19, 2022

Mr. Wonky Software

Is it money over mind

Money over matter

Is it money all that matters,

Mr. Wonky Software

Still pushing bad vaccines

Holding hands with western leaders

The puppet “yes” machines,

Boosters twice yearly

Maybe even more

The eugenicists are dancing

Shaking the fucking floor.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Stuck On Stupidity”

10:38 AM May 18, 2022

Armstrong Economics

Bill C-7

Bill C-14

Gates Notes