There comes a time

When you realize

That you are guilty

Of giving people more

Credit for intelligence, common

Sense and general ethics

Than they deserve,

You’ll recognize

The time

As you listen to

Hollow apologies

And smell the bullshit theory

Of do whatever and ask for forgiveness


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “This, That And Other Things”

6:29 PM September 11, 2016


On Monday

With multi-million

Dollar deals dropping

All around,

Oh yes, the Chinese

Have arrived,

They’ve done Vancouver

And the major centers,

Now it’s The Island,

On Monday

Stretching to squeeze

A multi-thousand

Dollar deal together,

One puts things

In perspective,

It’s simply a matter

Of zeroes

And the Dollarama line-up

Generates multi-faceted

Smiles and grins.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “This, That And Other Things”

3:52 PM August 22, 2016