Freeman And Hill

Another evening

With Freeman and Hill,

The coffee shop

Packed to the corners

It’s like visiting

The sixties,

Ian and Sylvia,

Scott Mckenzie,

You know,

The music you seem

To become part of

On the worn sill

Of forgotten time,

Interesting how

The perfumes and

After shave lotions

Mingle and dance

With the notes

And warm applause

That sometimes breaks

Into wild wolf whistles,

There’s a simple

Realness to an evening

Packed tightly with

Strangers in a small

Coffee shop,


To Freeman and Hill,

It’s like visiting

The sixties,

 Leonard, Lightfoot,

Joan and Buffy,

And as perspiration

And body aromas

Sneak past the perfumes

And after shaves,

You refrain from touching

The stranger next to you,

You remember the gal

Of Society’s Child

Who made it impossible

To forget seventeen,

And you slip into a dream

In a coffee shop bulging

With strangers,

Listening to
Freeman and Hill.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Another Revolution”

7:29 PM March 24, 2012


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