Clocks And Calendars

I am done

With the wow factor


Life is good,

I go to work

He goes to work

The kids go to school,

I make dinner

He mows the lawn

Sometimes we switch,

The kids come home,

TV, a movie now and then,

Plans for our holiday,

And of course

The new sleep aides

Are simply wonderful,

Reality is reality

Isn’t it Stephen,

It’s all about

Clocks and calendars,

I read you from

Time to time,

You’re really quite good

You know,

Something you wrote

Tagged with The Cure

Made my thighs tingle,

But my cell rang

And it was back to reality,

I don’t know how

You stick with now time,

It must be a Yogi thing,

Love as always,


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Spring Into Summer”

8:00 AM May 27, 2012


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