Liar Liar


It’s always intriguing to

See the look on someone’s

Face on their first realization

Governments and corporations

Have been and are, lying to us,

That recorded history isn’t as

Factual as victors would have

Us believe and the extremes

The greedy and power hungry,

Including spiritual and religious

Leaders go to with little regard

For the people they pretend to


It’s always sad,

Always intriguing

When the naive awaken.


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Spring Into Summer”

6:34 PM June 28, 2012


3 responses to “Liar Liar

  1. I really like your ending. I particularly like your isolation of ‘represent’ and the way it facilitates access into the additional meaning of representing the self to others.

    Moreover, this is one of my favourite songs, and I’ve not met anyone else who’s ever heard it. Thank you.

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