On A Rainy Sunday

On a rainy Sunday

Late afternoon

An old rock band


Punk rock tunes,

None of which

I know or remember

Never was into that,

My mind shifts over

To thoughts of you,

Wondering if you’re

Into blue

Or simply kicking back

In your favorite


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Falling” www.StrangersAndPoetry.com

7:03 PM December 23, 2012

Should There Come A Time

Should there come a time

When you might think

That I no longer

Love you,

You would be wrong

In your thinking,

For the images of the times

When I held you naked

Will never fade,

For the echo of my heart beats

Beating more, more, more,

Will never silence,

For the euphoria of the times

You took me near the

Gates of Heaven

Dances forever in my veins.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Falling” www.StrangersAndPoetry.com

11:19 AM December 23, 2012

Mental Pictures

On the last day

Before the break

For Christmas

We spoke about Spain

As we had in the past

About Italy and Greece,

You know, a neat place

To retreat to paint, sketch,

And write, but then I suppose

It was the thought of sun and

Blue skies that pulled our talk

And imaginations, not to forget

Brian briefly, ever so briefly,

Reminiscing about his affair

With a Spanish gal, a canoe and

The canals and lunches ,

And of course there were

Other things, other thoughts,

Other emotions, other

Mental pictures.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Falling” www.StrangersAndPoetry.com

6:56 PM December 22, 2012


No one remembered

Which omnibus bills

They were tucked away in

Or who the assholes were

Who dreamed them up,

But it had become against

The law to study bees,

To observe ants, to wonder

Why hummingbirds did better

On wild flower nectar than on

Refined sugar and chlorinated

Water, why the population ate

Manufactured food while the

Leaders dined on organic food

From private, secret gardens,

Why 360 degrees in any circle,

Why stand on red miles cheering

Those returning from pounding

Sand and dumping spent uranium

In far away places, no one quite

Remembered when, but while we

Were watching pre-programmed

Programming, comfy in our Democracy

Illusion, so many things had become

Against the law.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Falling” www.StrangersAndPoetry.com

9:45 AM December 22, 2012


As we spend billions

Sending armies to

Pound sand,

Our foundations

Are crumbling

At home,

Rights are fading,

The distance between

The rich and the rest of us

Is stretching, stretching,

Our society has deteriorated

To the point of discussing arming

Teachers and having armed guards

In every school.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Falling” www.StrangersAndPoetry.com

4:15 PM December 21, 2012