Cupped Hands

On the edge

Of June

With a south east wind

Blowing May away

She came in jeans,

Intriguing and bewitching

As ever,

Whether in denim

Or her shimmering

Silky things

She was always mysterious,

Always beautiful,

Whenever our glances


It was as if

She cradled my heart

In her cupped hands,

As though she was calming

A bewildered bird.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Still In Love With Love”

4:24 PM May 30, 2013

Of Muffins And Things

I was buttering

A muffin

When I thought

Of the day

You sat in my lap

And said

Let’s play,

The colors were


The ones you were


And I think

We might have had


Oh yes,

I will always


Muffins and things.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Still In Love With Love”

6:53 PM May 29, 2013

Special Rights


I climbed the mountain

Slid down to the sea

Everyone hollered

And screamed at me,

You can’t do that

Unless you’re born of us,

I didn’t understand

Couldn’t see the fuss,

So I re-climbed the mountain

Slid again to the sea

Going both ways

Everywhere I could see,

Hate and ignorance

Prejudice and wars,

And all of the fights

Because some on the planet

Felt they had special rights.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Still In Love With Love”

7:28 PM May 27, 2013



I was looking

For inspiration

When she came

In to say hello,

She seemed full

Of anticipation

Yet somehow

I don’t know,

After all being

A simple poet

You sometimes sense

These things,

But you never

Get used to the


And the fixation

Some people bring.

Stephen Nesbitt©

From “Still In Love With Love”

3:01 PM May 26, 2013



We all know

What we think

We know,

But when push

Comes to shove

It doesn’t amount

To a rat’s ass

In the scheme

Of things,

Being dug or

Clawing yourself

Out of the rubble

Of a natural disaster

Pretty much sums it up.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Still In Love With Love”

11:04 AM May 25, 2013



How many people

Are wandering

In the echoes

Of their voices,

Peeking from the

Dark shadows

Behind their faces,


How in the hell

They got here,

Accidently clicking


Not knowing it

Will take longer

Than their body

Clocks have time.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Still In Love With Love”

8:15 AM May 24, 2013