The mundane matters

Of Monday matter

Until an eighty-four

Year old Grandmother

Comes in,


To come to terms

With the accidental

Death of her twenty-one

Year old Grandson,


 With his twenty-year

Old friend,

Both ejected from a

Rolling pick-up truck,

Seat belts a question mark.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Summer Re-Visited” www.StrangersAndPoetry.com

5:57 PM July 29, 2013

Lincoln And George


They were born

During that time

Of the great democracy,

Freedom, equality,

There were cameras,

Satellites in the sky

And drones to imprint

The reasons why,

One was born into

Instant wealth and fame,

The world bowing at his feet,

The other was given

A penny at birth,

One was named George

The other named Lincoln,

Everyone knew what

George would be doing,

I wondered if Lincoln

Would grow up

To study law.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Summer Re-Visited” www.StrangersAndPoetry.com

6:15 AM July 25, 2013

Middle Of The Road


The left, the right,

Would come in to

Talk, discuss, debate

Over espresso and cappuccino,

The centrists seldom came,

And when they did

It was a takeout or a

Quick drink and away

As if they were afraid

That someone might have

Something thought provoking

Or controversial to say,

I often wondered if they

Ever kissed a woman’s

Bottom lips or if they

Were hip to hip,

Middle of the

Road all

The way.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Summer Re-Visited” www.StrangersAndPoetry.com

9:23 PM July 23, 2013