Good Or Bad

Who’s to say

What was good

What was bad

In the year

That we just had,

Years from now

It’ll probably all

Boil out the same,

If any of it boils

Out at all,

Of course we’re

Still around,

That in itself counts

For something.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Pigskin And Pumpkins”

8:55 PM December 30, 2013

Goodbye Thirteen

Two more days

And another one done

The seagulls screamed

Has it all been fun,

The sceptics scoffed

And scanned the skies

The ravens laughed

As shit hit their eyes,

Of course the secret words,

Don’t mess around with the birds.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Pigskin And Pumpkins”

9:45 PM December 29, 2013


What controls the governors

On our brains

Or is it simply just insane

To think we could be more

Than what we are,

Are all the things

We think are real

Nothing more

Than what we feel,

A melding of

Uncounted thoughts

Hanging thick

Like blended farts.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Pigskin And Pumpkins”

6:30 AM December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve

The last minute rush

The last minute shopping

The last minute wrapping

And out of nowhere

The last minute Christmas


 Or was it a hug,

The last minute caress

That takes you back into

Christmases past and awakens

Hazy memories that you’ve

Slept with her ten thousand nights,

Or would have if you could have.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Pigskin And Pumpkins”

5:57 PM December 24, 2013