Towards the last

Week in July

That was a bit like


Hubert chatted

About things he


From years gone by,

Life is simpler

And more interesting

When you’re healthy

And still walking

On the edge

Of eighty-seven

He smiled,

Sha Boom, Sha Boom,

I’ll see you tomorrow

If I’m still alive,

If not,

I’ll come as a ghost.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “The Fourth Book”

1:53 PM July 24, 2014

The Storm


Some thought the storm

Was over,

Those in the know

Knew it was just a lull


Strange how some see

And some don’t,

Like the lady who rides

The edges of things

Seeing and hearing

What others can`t guess,

Labelled a crackpot

By those who can`t see,

Those in the know

Know she rides shotgun

To some of the secrets and

Mysteries of the universe.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “The Fourth Book“

7:48 PM July 22, 2014