Naked Butts In Bed

After the revelations

Of Snowden and a few

Brave others,

Those paying attention


Those not caring

Still have heard the rumours,

That when we get

Our naked butts in bed

Governments around the world

Are trying to watch

And know

Our every movement,

Nosey bastards,

So all you fine folks

Out there

Give them a show,

Let the political perverts


What they are missing.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Coincidences”

2:31 PM February 27, 2015


The Monk

A mummified monk

Encased in a Buddha shell,

How Egyptian is that,

Or was Egyptian Chinese,

How did he get there,

Bewitched by a religious tale,

Religious stories tend to get

Some people to do crazy things,

Just look around the world today

And yesterday,

Or did he piss somebody off,

Monkey around with somebody’s


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Coincidences”

11:10 AM February 24, 2015

C lam Up

Strange how some


Clam up,

Everyone knows

But no one knows,

No one talks,

Whether it’s weapons

Whether it’s drugs,

Suspicious deaths,

Clam up,

Is there some secret

About themselves they

Want kept secret,

Or is there some

Perverse satisfaction

In being a part of a

Clam up community

That drives people

To clam up.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Coincidences”

10:24 AM February 23, 2015