Simply Love

It was simply a case

Of falling in love,

Though in your moments

Spurred by the whispers

Of others,

You searched for

Ulterior motives

Of which there

Were none,

It was simply love,

All of the doubting and


Left little calluses

On your heart,

Like guitar fingers,

The key is to play

Through the pain

With no expectations,

Flow with the notes

And live in the now

With the beauty of it all.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Songs From A Seabird”

6:00 AM May 30, 2015


Anarchists at heart,

Masters of rusty words

Designed to get others

Doubting and going,

Did they detest rules

And regulations

Because they clipped

Freedom and controlled,

Or because without

Rules and regulations

They could do whatever

They wanted

In order to get

Whatever they wanted.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Songs From A Seabird”

9:44 PM May 28, 2015


He’s not ready

The Conservatives cry,

But the question is

Are Canadians ready

And stupid enough

To give the masters

Of omnibus bills

And C51,


And deception,

The muzzlers of science

And stiflers of speech,

Are Canadians ready

And stupid enough

To give Harper and his crew

Any more time in office

Than we already have.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Songs From A Seabird”

10:19 PM May 25, 2015

The Early Drive


The early drive

Down Discovery to

Downtown is always interesting,

Cats on front steps and gate posts

Looking non pulsed and who cares

As they wait for the morning full sun,

Dogs on early walks doing the piss on it

Thing and checking for openings in the

Garbage cans waiting for the truck,

On into Campbellton and the

Early bird bottle pickers and

Dumpster divers heading to

The return depot with bags,

Buggies and bikes,

At the lights a cute

Sleepy eyed blonde

Doing last minute

Make-up touches,

And always the

Cut you off drivers

Racing to the long

Wake me up drive

Through lineup.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Songs From A Seabird”

12:20 PM May 22, 2015