Third Day Of Summer

On the third day of summer

Some chubby guy stared skyward

As his fat white dog shit on the sidewalk,

They both strolled away,

A lady dragging an oxygen tank,

Hoses up her nose, sat down for coffee,

A friend carrying her things joined her

And immediately lit a cigarette,

Two attractive young women

In a chromed Chevy pickup

Tossed their empty Tim Horton’s

Cups and wrappers onto the street,

A garbage can was ten steps away,

I’m not saying that these people

Are representative of fat white dogs,

Oxygen tanks, Chevy or Tim Horton’s,

But I did read that DNA researchers claim

That Neanderthals bred with Homo Sapiens.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Songs From A Seabird”

9:48 PM June 23, 2015

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