Funny how that evening

Flashes back to mind,

That night after the

Sun had gone,

The tea was warm,

Shoulders chilly,

Drunks suddenly appearing

As if emerging from the cracks

In the sidewalk,

The aroma and the sensations

As alive now as they were then,

In that evening

Of a once in a lifetime


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Songs From A Seabird”

12:40 PM August 14, 2015


The Race

With the wind

Teasing our hair,

The sun

Kissing our lips,

We race,

Seldom thinking

Where or what the

Finishing line will be,

There are thinkers,

Some with a hope

Of falling into the arms

Of a benevolent god,

Some of breaking through

The invisible barrier and

Continuing on with the race,

Some with hitting the wall

Ending it all,

Leaving only pictures

And memories that will quickly

Fade away with the ticking of time.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Songs From A Seabird”

2:48 PM August 13, 2015

Attack Ads And Votes

They sat around

Talking politics

And wondering

How anyone with

Average intelligence

Could believe the Conservative’s

Attack ads,

Could decide who to vote for

Based on the Conservative’s

Manipulative crap,

Perhaps the Neocon

Philosophy was right,

Perhaps some people

Are too stupid to make

Important decisions,

Perhaps that’s why

Neocons court their


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Songs From A Seabird”

2:05 PM August 12, 2015


In that place

Of never

When there’s nothing

Much to do,

In that place

Of never

I’ve been thinking

Lots about you,

And you might say

Why waste your time

It’s probably never

Meant to be,

But then one could ask

Would there be a world

If dreamers never

Went to sea.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Songs From A Seabird”

2:00 PM August 6, 2015