At The End

At the end

Of two-thousand and fifteen

I never felt the earthquake,

Didn’t fall into the

Adult coloring book fad,

Didn’t forget the

Tangerines and lotus

That drove me mad,

Didn’t know how

Many more years

Were left to explore,

At the end

 I knew I loved you,

Headed into

Sixteen as wide eyed

And crazy as when I was


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Songs From A Seabird”

10:52 AM December30, 2015

Rushed Lull

In that rushed lull

Between Christmas

And the New Year,

When those tolerated


When those loved

Leave too soon,

In that rushed lull

Do you wonder

Where is the logic,

What is the point

Of all of the madness.

Stephen Nesbitt  ©

From “Songs From A Seabird”

7:30 AM December 28, 2015