Rolled On

Months rolled on

Interrupted by the appointed

Holidays that created long weekends

For those in government or union jobs,

But for the unemployed and part timers

Who’s hours were rigged to create ineligibility

For statuary holiday benefits,

Months simply rolled on.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “This, That And Other Things”

11:49 AM March 23, 2016


One response to “Rolled On

  1. Hi Stephen, I sincerely hope you and your family are well and safe. Life, hate the day when silence follows. It is kind of like the essences of this message. Life following this unique passage we have together. Neither you nor I wrote this journey, but here we have it. I feel blessed to have met you and receive your love and guidance. Chuckle, that sounds a bit ridged. At a loss for words. . Writing for two reasons. One because I miss you and the poetry we write. Your a friend that helped me to take a good direction. You did this for a couple of reasons, I know this now. You helped me from your heart. I have some good news. LOL that sounds like a simple solution. Well, it isn’t. I have struggled and worked hard … details , not needed. Finally, I got to a place that I understood what I needed …. think of a child of two that is under stress from the one’s that are to love them … they shut down and hide to be safe … it knows no time .. The adult person, is driven by fear or flight in all the do for life It clouds ALL their interactions … I have medication now to SLOW me down I see and FEEL my emotions … so your poem hit me … just as I was starting to live life. I love you with all my heart, You have been so much to me, i love judy

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