On Monday

With multi-million

Dollar deals dropping

All around,

Oh yes, the Chinese

Have arrived,

They’ve done Vancouver

And the major centers,

Now it’s The Island,

On Monday

Stretching to squeeze

A multi-thousand

Dollar deal together,

One puts things

In perspective,

It’s simply a matter

Of zeroes

And the Dollarama line-up

Generates multi-faceted

Smiles and grins.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “This, That And Other Things”

3:52 PM August 22, 2016

Short And Long

Life is short,

Some stories long,

And unless one is

New to the planet

Or a raving idiot,

One doesn’t believe


That newscasters babble.

That’s written on Facebook

Or in the National Enquirer,

And one is never surprised

At what people do,

But sometimes surprised

At who.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “This, That And Other Things”

9:21 PM August 15, 2016


Just Asking

In this day and age of media manipulation,

Do you listen to what someone says

Or do you listen to someone else

Tell you what they think someone said,

Are the more educated more susceptible

To mental conditioning than the less educated,

In Brexit did the less educated save

Britain from the control of the E.U.,

Will Monica vote for Hillary,

What will Hillary do to you,

Will Trump meet the same fate

As everyone who has escaped from

And returned to … Plato’s Cave,

You don’t know about Plato’s Cave …

Are you less educated than you think you are?

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “This, That And Other Things”

12:11 PM August 3, 2016




It doesn’t take

Many decades on the planet

To realize that most people

Don’t see past yesterday,

Those who see what’s coming

And dare to tell are often branded

Fools or black souls by the blind

Emboldened by the tenets of religions,

Tenets asinine at the best of times,

Tenets far removed from universal love,

Tenets interpreted, contrived, put forth

By the psychopaths among us.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “This, That And Other Things”

11:09 AM August 2, 2016