Bald Pate Too

We bought the Bald Pate

Without even


The old boat

Was whispering,

Whispering and


She’s given much


And such sweet


We built her a


To pay back her


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “This, That And Other Things”

8:25 PM October 29, 2016

For Christine

If you hadn’t

Come by

I might have died

In that age

Of near insanity,

When moths

Were eaten by doves

And once truth

Even cried,

When lines

Were stuck in bottles

And rhyme

Bogged down in mud,

To this place

Where oceans kiss

The beaches

In an ancient pristine way,

All I know Christine

I love you,

As I’ve done forever

And some days.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “This, That And Other Things”

8:00 AM October 7, 2016