By Mid-Year

By mid year

Much of the world

Was in turmoil,

Abnormal was normal

And normal was suspect,

The Stockholm syndrome

Seemed mainstream,

Gender rejected

For a neutered mutant,

A wrong pronoun brought fines

Words could bring jail,

Violence and crime

Were downplayed,

Those recording,

Asking and questioning


Is there any irony in the fact

That a country that once tried

To exterminate a race,

Was spearheading the overrun

Of countries by refugees

And questionable others.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “So Here We Are”

8:54 AM May 30, 2017


Eternal Moments

Not unlike that old flick

Lady and the Tramp,

A gorgeous lady

An everyday guy

Defied the laws

Of nature,

Flicked the switch

On gravity,

Danced the moon,

Swam the rainbows,

Surfed the Northern Lights,

And in those eternal moments

Oh how they loved,

Oh how they loved.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “So Here We Are”

7:23 AM May 15, 2017

Idiots And Cliffs

In our minds

Where we find solace

In the illusion,

Where moments

Etch to lifetimes

Without intrusion,

How in the hell

Did we end up

On the street

In the midst

Of a mindless

Blob of a mob,

Protesting whatever

The loudest idiot screams,

Driven towards the cliff

By unknown, unseen horsemen.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “So Here We Are”

8:48 AM May 13, 2017