At All Levels

So this gal

Comes into the shop

And when she leaves

The sugar bowl is gone,

You say what the hell!

Upon reflection you realize,

Some people rob banks,

Some steal sugar bowls,

And some in three-piece suits

Screw you out of the commission

On a million and s half dollar yacht sale,

There’s assholes at all levels.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “So Far So Good”

4:15 PM February 13, 2019



I read that the center of the earth

Is four billion years younger

Than the rest of it,

Hmmm …

I read that the universe

May be a hologram,

Hmmm …

So I wrote some lines

And thought about you

Or was it just an illusion,

But then the infusion

Of perfume and the smell

Of your hair

Dancing into the confusion,

Left me totally distracted.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “So Far So Good”

3:53 PM February 2, 2019