One response to “March 23, 2020

  1. Certain type of masks really don’t work. Most people have been seen wearing the type of mask a dentist would wear which is a basic surgical mask intended to prevent the wearer of the mask from spreading bacteria and viral infection to other people through micro droplets of saliva when speaking, coughing or sneezing. Most people wearing those type of masks in public think they are protecting themselves from other people not wearing masks, thinking the coronavirus can’t enter their nose and lungs, but the mask doesn’t offer that level of protection. Viruses can go through the material and also round the loose edges, collect in the mask and be easily breathed in. Also masks made of cotton offer no protection at all… virus just go straight through the cotton fibres.

    The only type of mask worth wearing to protect against coronavirus is the N95 mask that medical staff wear when treating infected patients. An N95 mask fits tight to the skin on the face, and also has a substantial filter. It offers protection against breathing in droplets in the air. But they are expensive, uncomfortable, hot to wear, difficult to put on and leave deep red marks on the face when removed… all the reasons why no ordinary person wants to wear one!

    Yes, the availability of masks maybe to do with cheap labour from China. Once that set up is in place, it would take a while to convince companies round the world who maybe make similar products to invest money and time making masks. It wouldn’t be impossible, but it might take several months to get going.

    I’ve heard of a lot women sewing hundreds of cotton masks to donate to hospitals (a very popular subject on You Tube) but from what I’ve read the hospitals don’t want them, because they don’t offer the level of protection needed. The hospital staff might as well use a cotton scarf draped across their face… pretty useless.

    This video is a very clear, precise explanation as to why people are saying masks don’t work and what the difference is between basic masks and N95 masks. I hope you find it useful too.

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