One response to “Are You Free … May 30, 2020

  1. I appreciate your trains of thought, Stephen. I’ve been tuning in here and there to the information you’ve linked, and I find it all interesting and concur with much proposed. I wasn’t raised to fit into society’s box or in this case circle, and I don’t trust mainstream thinking or what’s coming down the pike next with all the unrest Covid-19 seems to have caused. I’m wondering what you think us people who have opposing views on how things have played out can do to make and positive change to what’s go on? I’m personally doing my best to get out uninhibited by all said rules and am back to work complying within said protocol to a point. Still much of this is disconcerting…. not sure what else to do but just live and love to the best of my ability to those around me. But I know many people who aren’t happy with/ questioning current events. And I know many who completely think everything they hear about these matters from health officials and media is true. Anyway, what can us normal abiding citizens do if we disagree with things? Most of the time these days I feel it’s just prudent to mind my own business and keep my opinions to myself, but….

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