Kraken Released In Georgia

Jack And Jill Days

Those Jack and Jill days

Of green grassy knolls

And round rolling hills,

Sunshine and freedom

Sweet calls for supper,

Are they gone forever,

Stolen by a feeble

 Pinocchio’s dance,

Slow and shuffling

Long past the romance

Of integrity and style,

Lured on by those

Who scheme and beguile,

Will death and destruction

Pile again under the rug,

While justice feigns sleeping

Rubs its eyes and just shrugs.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Are You Sleeping”

4:53 PM November 24, 2020

Tin Hats

I have a collection

Of tin hats

Given to me

Through the years,

Started when I was

In grade six

And began sharing

My one world fears,

Introduced and discussed

By Mr. Pelechaty

I thought it crazy

Was scorned by my peers,

Now it’s almost mainstream

Craziness already here

I tell you for the last time

Try to save you tears.

(Watch The Video Below)

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Are You Sleeping”

1:42 PM November 23, 2020

Pocketful Of Fiat

For a pocketful of fiat,

Some illusionary power

And free lunches at Davos,

A few hundred assholes

Have betrayed their countries,

Betrayed their fellow citizens,

Have rigged elections,

Have assassinated leaders,

Have started unnecessary wars,

For a pocketful of fiat,

A few hundred assholes

Think that we don’t know,

Think we won’t remember,

We know you from the past,

Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedong,

Pol Pot, Idi Amin,

We will remember,

We know and you know

That in the end,

Assholes never win.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Are You Sleeping”

12:30 PM November 22, 2020

Ideology Of Fools

How long will we huddle

Like rabbits in their hutches

Scared shitless of the plastic fox

Pasted to the outside fence,

Some wear masks in their houses

Because an idiot holding office

Said it’s scientific safety,

We listen to talking heads

Explain how we will die in bed

If we don’t follow the rules

We know are stupid and illogic,

When will we diagnose

The mass hysteria we’re in

And tell those who prod us

We see through the ideology

Of fools they try to spin.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Are You Sleeping”

8:48 PM November 18, 202

In Simple Words

Our so-called leaders

Became enamored

With the lofty Davos set,

This is cool forget countries

Placed their personal bets,

Winnipeg went a-waltzing

Danced the Wuhan bug,

Portage built a lock-up camp

Simply answered with a shrug,

The army went on wolf maneuvers

To see how scared we’d be

It seemed to work with mask mode

So hid speakers in the trees,

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Are You Sleeping”

7:33 PM November 14, 2020

Horns And Tails

You can’t prove


You’ll have to take us

At our word

They said,

But hell

Your word’s

Been dead

For many years

And you’ve grown horns

Above your jackass ears,

The thirteenth on Friday

Comes tomorrow,

The new moon next

This coming Sunday

Riding high in Scorpio

Foretells before you

Cause more tears,

You will not find


But your tail

Will grow

And the world

Will know.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Are You Sleeping”

9:21 PM November 12, 2020