Back And Forth

It’s back and forth

With drugs and guns

The old opium trade

To new chemical ones,

Who are the bastards

Who direct this shit

It’s not the slimy

Back alley twits,

It’s those some hold

In high esteem

In government and

The business scene,

Helped by some

In uniform

Spies and lies

And other norms.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Wake Up”

9:16 AM January 31, 2021


Where are you going

Young man young man

Have they brainwashed

And schooled you

To feel not part of the clan,

What are you doing

Young lady my dear

Have they schooled

And retooled you

Filled you with fear,

What about you

The old generation

Do you still have

Your faith

Have they killed


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Wake Up”

10:16 AM January 30, 2021

Where Idiots Laugh

Have the world’s western leaders

Collectively lost their minds

Or were they not very bright

To begin with,

Are they selling out the people

To some dark, devious kinds

In order to be overlords

In some fascist or communist mime.,

Or have we just been stupid

The blind following the blind

Carelessly down the path

To the terror where idiots laugh.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Wake Up”

5:46 PM January 27, 2021

The Crowning

No cheering, adoring ,

Flag waving crowds,

Behind high fences

Adorned with razor wire,

Surrounded by thousands

Of troops – rifles ready,

In the presence of some

Hand-picked crooked cronies,

A poet, a couple of singers,

A preacher – the theft complete,

 The crowning completed,

How convenient it was now

All butterflies and roses

Sunny skies and blue,

The four years of

Hornets and hell

Initiated by an illegal

Lateral PASS attempted

Fifteen minutes into

The first quarter,


The fake, fawning media

Smiling like blonde spies

With dark roots and resumes

Of compromised, bedded,

Officials and politicians.


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Wake Up”

9:39 AM January 21, 2021

Funky Farm Somewhere

On a funky farm somewhere

Four weird rats

Sucky, Dumpy, Picky and Woky

Read the Goebbels stats,

Hey we can do that here!

The bull walked by

You can go eat shit

The cow volunteered

You can suck my tit,

The pig snorted out

Don’t pull my pork

The sheep looked away

They were cultured from York,

The farmer asked

What’s all the commotion

The rooster crowed

The rats have a notion,

The farmer had a chat

With the four weird rats

Frowned and walked away

And sent in the cats.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Wake Up”

7:26 AM January 10, 2021

Kaleidoscope In Reverse

They’re decent people

Like hell you say

Corporations wrapped

With the CIA,

They’ve screwed people

Around the world

Now here at home

At home unfurled,

The Kaleidoscope

Set in reverse

With Politicians

So damn perverse,

Where right is wrong

And wrong is right

White is black

And black is white,

Where truths are lies

Lies are truths

Night is day

And day is night.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Wake Up”

8:13 AM January 8, 2021

Wake Up

Are the laws

Of a civilized society

Used to ensure the equity, fairness,

The protection of rights and freedoms

For all human beings,

Or are they abused

To the detriment of the many

For the advantage of the few,

The many used as tools

And those who understand,

Pull back the curtains,

Expose the folly,

Are painted as fools

Shunned, shot and locked


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Wake Up”

4:01 AM January 6, 2020