As One Looks

As one looks

At the cycles of history,

Do stupidity and evil


Or is it simply

An anomaly

Where fact and fiction

Seem to hide,

As one looks

At the twenty-twenties,

Bureaucrats, politicians,

Mainstream media,

Are they all idiots

Or are some just


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Wake

3:30 PM March 31, 2021


Did he know at the time

He was psychic

When he wrote

Wynken, Blynken and Nod,

Strange how the US leaders

Fit like three peas in a pod,

To those who may be wondering

Just who in the world they are

It’s Harris, Blinken and Fraud.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Wake Up”

9:14 PM March24, 2021

Look At Us

Look at us,

Hypocritical cowards saluting

And laying flowers in memory

Of the men and women who

Died and are dying fighting

For human rights and freedom,

Look at us,

Applauding the removal of

Lincoln and Churchill statues,

Erasing history, culture and books,

And smiling and nodding at the

Busts of Marx on professors’ desks,

Soaking in their filthy propaganda

Under the guise of progressive education,

Look at us,

Believing our votes count

By how they are counted,

Allowing ourselves to be led

By idiots, some Rhodes Scholars,

Some sleeping with the enemy,

Some bribed with money, laptops

And favors, all guarded by fences and

Walls and people with loaded guns,

Look at us,

Wearing our little useless masks,

Staying home when we are told to,

Afraid of phony pandemics, climate

Scams and UFOS, agreeing that male

And female, God, faith and family are

Illusions from a misguided older generation,

Look at us,

Believing whatever the main stream media

Morons tell us, accepting the social media

Twitts censoring and banning as necessary

To keep real free speech free from debate,

Lining up for shots of who knows what

So we can get our digital passports,

Digital coins, and be free.

Look at us.

Look at us. Look at us.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Wake Up”

9:13 AM March 23, 2021

The Comex

The Comex

And the gang of eight

Push paper

In commoditygate,

With odds

From one-hundred

To three-hundred to one,


With a game that’s rigged

Hell Shylock ,

Even he’d be jigged,

The Comex

And the zombie kings

Wreak havoc

On the gold and silver rings,

Courts and governments

They’re in cahoots

One big scam

For the rich to loot.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Wake Up”

4:13 PM March 20, 2021

Might As Well Sing

The sun basking bug

Unaware the beak

Was so near,

The bird with bugs

In her belly

Didn’t see the

Cat in mid-air,

The cat with

A mouthful of feathers

Thought the mower

Was clear,

And the man on the mower

His heart almost over

Sang out loud to the wind,

As life and death

Danced on a string

Hanging somewhere

In a place we call time.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Wake Up”

9:24 AM March 19, 2021

Ring Of Fire Irony

Living on rocks

Above a subduction zone,

Scared shitless about

A pandemic that isn’t,

Wearing masks that may

Or may not be effective,

Remaining six feet away

From people and some cats,

Anxiously waiting for a

Vaccine not thoroughly tested.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Wake Up”

5:03 PM March 13, 2021