Trumorneau will be

Sunny ways

But today

Call in the clouds,

Hide the overseas

 Villas and investments,

The off shore havens,

Trumorneau will be

Open and transparent

But today

Pull down the darkness,

Canadians are comfortable

With that,

Promise them

A middle class,

Point at doctors and

Small business ones

For copping out on paying


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “So Here We Are”

8:15 PM October 19, 2017


This One’s For You

To the asshole

Who took the plant …

This one’s for you,

Realizing that you are probably

A disturbed lonely fool

This one’s for you,

You are not alone,

You are part oi

Assholes Anonymous,

Those who take

What doesn’t belong to them,

Those who get pleasure

From short changing children,

Those who let their dogs

Shit on the sidewalk

And chuckle from a distance

When a little old lady

With cataracts and a cane

Stumbles on through,

For all of you assholes

Out there,

This one’s for you.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “So Here We Are”

6:00 PM September 1, 2017


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When he hit

The ground

He had a strange sense

Of birthday balloons

Being cut free,

Not knowing where

Going somewhere.

And a distant thought

That he was dying,

Not wanting to leave

So much to do

So much unsaid,

Then he heard


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “So Here We Are”

2:08 PM August 5, 2017