The Idealists

The idealists

Caught up in the craziness

Of hate and violence

With the anarchists

And the Soros socialists

Don’t realize,

That what they

Are protesting and

Marching against

Is the very thing

They are searching for.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Are You Sleeping”

2:45 PM December 17, 2020

Today & Tomorrow

Where does today

Find you,

Have you missed

Or overlooked the

Fraud and the scandals,

Do you believe the cons

In the mainstream and

The social media dons

Playing at Pinocchio,

Are you in the in crowd

Of masks and distancing,

Staying at home

Obediently glistening,

Where will tomorrow

Find you,

Thinking for yourself

Or still under the spell

Of propaganda,

Totally convinced

We’re better than


Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Are You Sleeping”

9:45 PM December 12, 2020

Crazy Times Crazy Things

With the Rio remanent of 92

Pushing hard

Pushing through,

Corporations clamoring

The Three Stooges

Blocking. censoring,

The CCP smiling, basking,

I thought I saw you in a mask

I didn’t stop to ask,

You know the social distancing

People pointing, squealing,

Officers listening,

It might not have been you,

I wish I had risked arrest,

But in crazy times,

Crazy things

We do.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Are You Sleeping”

8:25 PM December 6, 2020

We Are Being Lied To And Misled

B.C. Church FINED $2,300 for in-person services, police CAN’T EXPLAIN which order was violated

Nigel Farage Investigates: Why are the authorities attacking our pubs?

B.C. church FINED $2,300 for in-person services, police CAN’T EXPLAIN which order was violated

Low Intensity Conflict (The Fix Is In)

Justin Trudeau kneeling down in protest. (Mr. Globalist)

England police run away from protesters

Police Officer takes a knee outside Downing Street at Black Lives Matter march in London

Police scuffle with London anti-lockdown & Million Mask March protesters


As kids we practiced

Hiding under our desks

To be prepared in case

Of a nuclear attack,

Most of us quietly


How will this help?

As adults we practice

Standing six feet apart,

We wear masks and visors

And thin rubber gloves,

Stay home when we are told to,

And few dare to question,

How will this help?

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Are You Sleeping”

6:37 PM November 30, 2020